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Re: [IP] Anyway ever have legal problems due to a low?

I owned an independent insurance agency, before retiring, we closed at 5:30
about 5 minutes before closing 2 persons came in wanted insurance, I told
employees to go that I would complete applications, my son stayed at his
desk completing some paper work, after completing the application, was give
a large bill, as I begin to make the change became confused & could not 
figure the correct change, my son came over took the bill made the change,
I had told the last employee to leave lock the door, I do not know how quick 
my son hear what was going on, but he cleared the matter I drink so orange
juice was OK quickly. The person ask that he have his money back but keep
the insurance I told him we could not give it to him free, went to the door 
both of them unlocked & let them out.

A few days later an attorney called said I had held his client a prisoner & 
me I must turn it in to my insurance company, I did so they paid the attorney
$2,000 to settle the claim, the other person that was with the client never 
do or say anything, nor did he get an attorney involved. In the 39 years I 
an insurance agent this is the only problem I ever had.
Elzie Speir
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