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Re: [IP] animas ez manager support (A little lengthy)

    Just wanted to let you know, I use an animas pump, use the ez-manager and 
I am also having a hard time getting answers to my EZ manager questions- I 
also tried going through the e-mail support on their website and contacted my 
sales rep, who forwarded my questions to the appropriate people I would 
think. I have never received any further documentation about the program 
aside from whatever comes with the download. In defense of Animas, This is 
really the only difficulty I have had with the company at all, and I think it 
may also be because I am not being persistent about getting an answer, my 
questions seem almost trivial-but I would really like an answer!  
   Question 1: Can we get the PC desktop to store your favorites when you do 
a hot sync? My daughter likes to "Crash" her palm and creating new favorites 
and made up foods (ie- slurpees- it's not in the FDA food database) gets 
boring after the second or third time you have done it.  
    Question 2: Are there any upgrades that would make the reports look like 
the one touch reports? The daily reports are too much info, the trending is 
not enough, I wish they could make the reports a little more like the in 
touch software from lifescan or find a way for me to import the data from the 
ez-manager to the in touch software.   
    Question 3: Anyone know of some type of screen magnifier they have for a 
palm m125 so I do not have to go digging for my glasses every time I need to 
find a food?    
    Like I said, everything else about Animas has been great, and the really 
important things (Battery issues, training, clip issues, support at 2 am) 
they have been fantastic, but I do wish I could get EZ manager answers, I 
really do like the software!
    Jacky D. D'xed '69, Mom to Rissa, 12. D'xed 92, and Allie, 4, D'xed '99

In a message dated 10/16/2002 8:38:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 22:00:25 -0400
> From: "John Sullivan" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] animas ez manager support (A little lengthy)
>         I am currently in the 30-day trial period for ez manager diabetes
> software by Animas.  I have emailed various times to animas support from 
> both
> the animas website & the PC software itself concerning questions I have 
> about
> the software & have received no reply's.  (I certainly hope this if not the
> normal experience)  Anyway I was wondering if anyone out there is using the
> software & what they thought of it.  couple of the questions i have for 
> animas
> are "does the desktop companion software have any sort of user manual
> available?" (I would like to be able to know everything possible about what 
> it
> does/can do like any other software i purchase)  & "Once the software is
> purchased & registered does the software usability open up further to me, 
> an
> example of this being -  would i be able to edit on the pc desktop software 
> as
> opposed to just deleting entries?"
>     While using the software both on my pda & computer I am always thinking 
> of
> something or the other that i would like to know about the software but as 
> far
> as i can tell the documentation is VERY sketchy,  when a person opts to
> purchase the software does that person then become privy to more info about
> it?
>         at 99$(I dont wear an animas pump, which may be part of the 
> problem)
> it just seems like not too much to ask to know as much as possible about 
> the
> software.
>     To sum up,  ez manager appears to be the only pda software available 
> that
> has a desktop companion, which I feel is extremely important, so this is a
> very big plus for this package, unfortunately where they advance ahead of 
> the
> others available in that regard, they fall far behind in many other areas, 
> not
> least of which is price.
>         sorry for the length,  thanx for listening    John
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