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Re: [IP] Another curious question

>>>When did the first pump with variable basal rates come out???  Wasn't
that the 504 or it's immediate predecessor?? Michael >>>

Prolly was. There were a couple pump companies out at that time so I'm not
sure. I just know I started with the MM 506 with 6 basal rates and 0.10u
settings. Not sure about the 504. My CPI/Lilly had one rate and delivered
whole units only and I had it for 9 years. I really did need some training
transferring from the Betatron 9200 to the 506. Didn't happen.

It sure is too bad, as people had experiences and lessons were learned, my
endo did not keep his pump group*updated* and on the rising trend. We stayed
stuck in those early treatment ways and used our pumps as shot deliverers
instead of us being in control and the freedoms pumps afford. :-(

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