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[IP] remember that lunch interview?

Hi pumpers,
Since a few of you requested my follow up, here it is. Also, I am actually 
feeling deeply grateful for having diabetes and IP, so this is a thank you 
note of sorts and a really cool story.
For those of you who responded to my "lunch interview" post, thank you and...
I got the job.
For those of you who didn't see my previous post on the lunch interview, I 
was concerned about revealing my diabetes during a job interview that 
included lunch. A few posters had great ideas on how I could bolus in the 
bathroom or eat salad so that I could leave my medical history out of the way 
of judgement.
Here's what happened and a little history...
I landed the interview with Students Run L.A., a nonprofit group that trains 
mostly at-risk public school kids to run the L.A. marathon, through my coach 
for Team Diabetes. Some of you may know that I ran the Kona Marathon as a 
Team Diabetes participant this past summer. During the interview, the group 
executive director, Marsha, asked how/why I had gotten involved with Team 
Diabetes. Well, I couldn't lie nor did I want to (I am very proud of Team 
D!), so diabetes was out in the open. It was no big deal. Marsha was great. 
It was perfect....and three days later she hired me, diabetes and all.
I know that most people in the world would probably react as Marsha did, but 
there are some who wouldn't, thus the reason I choose to keep my diabetes 
private until after landing jobs.
The last year and a half has been amazing for me. It started in July 2001 
when I quit my previous job. I was stressed out to the hilt, depressed and 
after several years of great control my BGs and A1cs were creeping up. I 
decided to be a freelance writer and waitress until I could get my health 
back and figure my life out...
I went to my doctor and lab work came back showing beginning stages of kidney 
damage. That's what started me on the patch toward pumping. Later, I found 
out the lab test was erroneous. But to this day, that little lab test 
accounts for a series of events, beginning with going on the pump, that has 
turned my life around and made me a much happier person.
In my research on pumping I joined IP....after joining IP I learned about 
Team Diabetes (thanks Kathy!)....and after learning about Team D I joined and 
trained for the marathon...during training I met my coach, Jacqueline.....my 
coach referred me to Marsha at Students Run L.A......I got the job with 
Students Run L.A.
I will be in charge of publicity and special events for the group.
Amazing sequence isn't it?
It's kind of strange to feel grateful for this chronic and horrible disease, 
but I have my diabetes and IP to thank for all of this. I just had to share 
and extend my gratitude to all of you...
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02
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