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[IP] Airport Screening

>Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 12:10:53 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] don't ask don't tell

>Matt responded to someone who said wear the pump where it doesn't say with
>>Basically sound advice, but unlikely to help post 9/11.
>> I find most airports now use the hand magnetometers as
>> well as the screening gates.

>About a month or so ago we started listing all the airports we had
>flown through and not set off alarms since September 11, and we pretty much
>covered the United States, so when you say "most" airport, which ones do
>mean?  I have flown more than 2 dozen separate flights since last fall, and
>think only once did I beep and that was when I forgot to take my keys



My experience is different.  The hand magnetometer will always "beep" over
my pump.  This has occurred in Evansville, IN; Brussels, Belgium; Grand
Rapids, MI; Ontario, CA.  I use an H-Tron Plus.  I suspect it is the metal
plunger that sets it off.  YMMV

>There is something called
>the 4th amendment that protects our right to privacy  (though I am sure
>Congress is going to do away with that altogether sooner or later...those
>damn Constitution writers...what WERE they thinking <g> )

Well, it actually protects us against unreasonable searches.  However,
riding on privately owned and operated airplanes is not governed by this,
You trade your 4th amendment rights for the privilege of riding on a
airplane or you may chose not to fly and preserve that right.

May I ask a favor?  If you do respond, please do not resort to a sarcastic
and insincere response such as you used in the other (now banned) thread's
"apology".  Facts are fine, but to intentionally rile people up is rude and

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