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[IP] you asked for it, you got it, toyota

what sit com is that from???...where the old guy sits in the front seat while 
the "star" is driving and keeps singing that tune over and over again.....i 
want to say Mad About You...maybe Wings?  it is that old guy from wings!  
right?  help me It is driving me NUTS

well anyway...I have been CHASTISED SEVERELY by the admins, and instructed to 
set a good example, and follow the rules of accepted behavior or face dire 
consequences. So beaten and bloodied, (but not as full of shame or remorse as 
I am sure I OUGHT to be), I offer my body up to the membership in sacrifice 
for my wrong doings, and beg your forgiveness.  

I AM sorry you all had to witness the ferocity of my tongue, though, I ask 
you, what is the use of a good letter of defense if only one person reads 

I AM sorry if anyone took my "i take it back" post as a PERSONAL attack on 
your own personal self and feel you no longer want to belong to IP.  I 
included portions of the post I was responding to, so if for ANY reason you 
thought i was writing back to you, then you were sadly mistaken.  If you 
would LIKE me to respond to you directly, please feel free to write to me at 
the email address listed above.  

After the apology, i would also like to add that I frequently include 
warnings about my posts, so if you find me offensive, do yourself a favor and 
save me having to grovel at your feet, and just SKIP it!  You know I rarely 
hve anything positive to say!.  Rest assured, I don't know 95% of you people 
and only PERSONALLY attack those that either I KNOW personally, or who ASK 
for it...and then I also use a lot more colorful language and I am even less 
concerned about spelling and grammar that I normally am...

As far as telling a fellow human to get off my planet...well, that was one of 
the oldest jokes in the book, and it was perfectly set up, so if anyone took 
offense, you really need more than a simple apology from me.

So I am sorry for losing my temper IN PUBLIC...and invite you all down to my 
neighborhood walmart on Sunday afternoon for a little bingo and a bake sale - 
it is for the local rehab hospital so we can buy new syringes and fresh bong 
water for the local homies.

OK, my pennance paid, i am now off to sleep...As a sincere act of contrition, 
I am walking the JDRF walkathon tomorrow morning....backwards...wiht my shoes 
on the wrong feet to fully demonstate how bad I feel for responding to the 
alarm-setter-offer's sad tale of woe and discrimination.

Ducking and running

Sara SP
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