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[IP] Re: Insulin/carb ratios and pizza effect

Ryan, lighten up.  I like you.  I wasn't trying to overbolus you.  I 
was just trying to set the record straight about a too strong 
statement you made.  You make a statement as though it were fact. 
You stated the following without qualification, "...regarding the 
spike after certain foods, such as pasta/pizza.
It turns out that certain foods can trigger a "glucagon" effect.  So,
in addition to your normal carb requirements, you will need ADDITIONAL
insulin to cover a production of glucagon as a result of these foods.
Typically, this insulin would be given in a wave instead of part of
your bolus, because it is a delayed rise.  Also, the amount of the wave
will probably be consistent regardless of the amount of food you eat."

    This is just a speculation on your part that is pretty wild. 
Whether arginine from pizza cheese mixed with tomato sauce (don't 
forget the oregano) can lead to a delayed glucagon spurt is pretty 
wild an idea.   I do truly hope you someday can solve the pizza 
riddle, but until that time, you shouldn't state  such speculations 
as fact.  Believe it or not, some people might actually believe what 
you say :-)
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