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Re: [IP] How come the ratios don't add up?!

Sorry Susan, as is often the case, I wasn't being clear.  Our ratios 
are the same, just that I find it easier to work with whole numbers. 
you say potato and I say potatah.  The BG/ins ratio you use is 50:.2, 
which is the same as 250:1 or 250/1 or just in my simple mind, just 
250.  You also use the inverse ratios (ins/bg) or .2:50, which turns 
me upside down into fraction-land, or 1/250.  Likewise his carb/ins 
ratio is 10:0.2 or 10/.2 or 50/1 or just 50 for me.   Sorry for the 
confusion.  Please don't go mad or at least don't blame me *S*  my 
wife already does.

   But the numbers should add up, or at least come close to being 
consistent.  In an ideal perfect person (like your son), let's say he 
started at a BG of 100 and his basal rates are perfectly adjusted to 
keep him there for the next 4 hours.  Now he eats two 4 g glucose 
tabs.  in less than an hour his  BG will be 180 (according to your 
numbers below, 8g x 10points/g).  Now  he will need to bolus to lower 
his BG back to 100.  How much?  Well according to the ratio you gave, 
he will have to bolus 0.32 U (80/250) for for that extra 80 mg/dl, 
and in 3 hours his BG should be right back at 100.  All in a perfect 
pumping world.   Right.
  I've done this to check my ratios of 40:1 (mg/dl fall) per (1 U of 
ins), and 3:1 (mg/dl rise) per (1 g carb).  You might want do this 
little experiment to check the ratios, if you could get him to sit 
still for that long. ;-)

<<<<<<<Wayne can you explain that again?
What does a ratio of 250 mean? I thought a ratio is expressed as "2:50"
(but as usual I could be missing something here.)
.2:50 for his high blood sugar ratio
.2:10 in order to eat a meal
10:100 meaning 10 CHO raises him 100 points
How does the math work? I never knew you were supposed to be able to relate
the different ratios. I figured,  the rates would be different because you
are trying to achieve different sorts of work with each instance.

When you bolus for a meal you are trying to prevent the blood sugar from
rising too fast and too much. When you bolus for a high, you are trying to
bring the blood sugar that is already too high, down. And that ratio of
insulin supposedly changes depending on how high you are to begin with.
When you ingest CHO for a low, you may be fighting some insulin that's
remaining in your system and pulling you down so it would also depend on
how much remaining insulin there is right? When you ingest CHO starting at
a glucose level of 100, it's a different story (Which is why all of this
drives me absolutely mad...)  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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