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Re: [IP] How come the ratios don't add up?!

>Susan, the answer is that that one or more of your three ratios is 
>not correct or too variable.  The calculations have to add up. This 
>is not a debatable point. 

I think wayne is correct on this point.  However, in practice, it 
doesn't always seem to work out this way.  :-)  If you could actually 
that that PERFECT ratio, then the three ratios should all work out 
together.  Also, the ratios depend on the fact that your basal rate is 
already set correctly.  Having a basal ratio that is off can mess with 
your other ratios.

If the three ratios don't really add up right, but the three seem to 
work find for your son, I wouldn't worry about it too much.  But, if 
you are getting unexplained results at times, then it would cause to 
try to get a more accurate picture of things.

For example, if .2 units of insulin lowers 50 mg/dL, and .2 units takes 
care of 10 grams of CHO, but 10 g of CHO will raise the BG level 100 
mg/dL then there are likely reasons.  For example, perhaps the 10g is 
NOT raising it 100 mg/dL...but that the BG level was already on an 
upward trend that hte 10 g of carbs contributed to.  If your son hadn't 
eaten the 10 g, perhaps he still would have been higher by 50 mg/dL.  

Sometimes the reason it appears to take more insulin to bring DOWN a 
high than it does for the carbs to bring it up is because the BGL was 
already on its way UP.  If you hadn't done anything and tested an hour 
later, it might be even HIGHER.  So that .2 units might actually have 
brought it down for the 50 mg/dL PLUS the 50 mg/dL it was going to go 
up for.

Just some thoughts.
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