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Re: [IP] How come the ratios don't add up?!

Wayne can you explain that again?
What does a ratio of 250 mean? I thought a ratio is expressed as "2:50" 
(but as usual I could be missing something here.)
In this case she is saying

.2:50 for his high blood sugar ratio
.2:10 in order to eat a meal
10:100 meaning 10 CHO raises him 100 points

How does the math work? I never knew you were supposed to be able to relate 
the different ratios. I figured,  the rates would be different because you 
are trying to achieve different sorts of work with each instance.

When you bolus for a meal you are trying to prevent the blood sugar from 
rising too fast and too much. When you bolus for a high, you are trying to 
bring the blood sugar that is already too high, down. And that ratio of 
insulin supposedly changes depending on how high you are to begin with.
When you ingest CHO for a low, you may be fighting some insulin that's 
remaining in your system and pulling you down so it would also depend on 
how much remaining insulin there is right? When you ingest CHO starting at 
a glucose level of 100, it's a different story (Which is why all of this 
drives me absolutely mad...)
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