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Re: [IP] Re: Sara Dearest

I don't believe Sara is jealous at all. I am very offended by your some of
your remarks about Wal Mart as well. A lot of us can not afford to shop at
Barnies or up market stores at all and we are not poor, nor do we live in
ghettos, we are just normal people.  In your situation, I would as well take
legal action, especially for taking your pump from you but this happened in
just one store, not all of them. We all have different problems with the pump,
on one doesn't, no matter where you shop or how much money you make. My
husband has a very respectful job, unfortunately the government doesn't pay
the military as much as they should. I believe these problems could occur
anywhere and we are not the ones with the lack of knowledge, in this case, the
Wal Mart and K Mart store that you shopped in are.


Sara dearest,
Don't worry you will never have the problems we have with the use of
this pump.  You stay in your little ghetto and ruminate upon how the
rest of the world lives.  It must be dreadfully hurtful to be left out
of social activities and sit there sucking on your thumb.
You jealousy is amazing and your lack of knowledge is even greater.  Why
not let us take you on a real shopping tour and show you that in real
stores these sensor units are not used.
We have a wonderful term in my country for people such as yourself who
attempt to run willy-nilly over others whilst the primary person is
attempting to warn others of the possibilities that exist in real life.
Unfortunately you don't deal in reality.
Have a good day GILLEST!
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