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[IP] How come the ratios don't add up?!

Susan, the answer is that that one or more of your three ratios is 
not correct or too variable.  The calculations have to add up. This 
is not a debatable point.  There are only three ratios and three 
variables, so unless ryan has discovered some new form of 
mathematics,  the ratios have to be consistent.      You say his 
BG/ins ratio is 250, his carb/ins ratio is 50, and if these are 
correct, then dividing these two, the math says is his BG/carb ratio 
is 5.  But you say it is 10.
    So which of the ratios is in error?  I don't know.  But I think 
you can get the BG/carb ratio most accurately.  If he eats a 4 g 
glucose tab, how much does is BG rise say in half hour or an hour? 
You should be able to measure the difference between 20 and 40 mg/dl. 
It's harder to be that accurate about the BG/ins because you have to 
wait 4 hours to measure and lots can happen in those 4 hours.  But if 
you are patient and do that correctly, then you can use the two to 
calculate the carb/ins ratio.
   Just one more thing for mom to worry about *S*

<<<<<<<<One thing I've always wondered, is why don't the ratios for 
insulin/carbs, carbs/bg rise, and insulin/bg drop, equal up? It seems 
logical to me that I should be able to cancel numerators and 
denominators and get some equivalent fractions. But noooooo! That 
would make diabetes control way too
straightforward!  I don't think my son (he is the one with diabetes, I'm
just the neurotic Mom) is unique in this. The examples in pumping insulin
don't add up either. For example, my son has the following ratios:
   0.20 units of insulin drops his blood sugar 50 points
   10 grams of carbs raises his blood sugar 100 points
   0.20 units of insulin covers 10 grams of carbs
So given 0.20u/10gms and 10gms/100pts, wouldn't you think 0.20u would drop
his blood sugar 100 points rather than 50 points?!  Or, if the numbers for
corrections  and low BG treatment are right, why wouldn't he need
0.40u/10gms when he eats? If anyone understands the difference, please clue
me in!
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