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[IP] Insulin/carb ratio

Shawna, pizza may be hard to figure, but  what Ryan has said is 
entirely made up.  A nice work of fiction.   There is no scientific 
basis for pizza releasing glucagon slowly over hours.
   A more plausible hypothesis is based on evidence that lots of 
hormones/chemicals can transiently alter insulin sensitivity.  So 
think of yourself becoming more type 2 like for a few hours, where 
your muscles need more insulin to utilize the carbs.  I don't know of 
any specific evidence that would tie this to pizza or pasta, but 
there is no doubt that insulin sensitivity can vary over hours, days, 
or weeks.   Many things can change it, and as the most common 
example, we all know that exercise increases insulin sensitivity, 
often dramatically.

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 09:20:38 -0400
>My ratio is 8:1 in the morning and 10:1 in the evening and I'm
>extremely sensitive to insulin (Novolog).  I average about 12-13 units
>a day total.
>However, I also find that certain foods have their own ratio.  For
>instance, salad or vegetables may require only 12 or 14:1, and my
>numbers stay relatively flat, but a higher-glycemic index food (like a
>burrito or pasta) might need 8 or 7:1, and my numbers still spike
>afterwards.  I'm having a hard time finding the right balance for
>foods like those - numbers either too high afterwards or too low, so
>I'm eliminating those things from my diet.  I have my best results
>when I follow Dr. Bernstein's diet.

<<<<<<<<<Shawna, A few thoughts.
Second, regarding the spike after certain foods, such as pasta/pizza.
It turns out that certain foods can trigger a "glucagon" effect.  So,
in addition to your normal carb requirements, you will need ADDITIONAL
insulin to cover a production of glucagon as a result of these foods.
Typically, this insulin would be given in a wave instead of part of
your bolus, because it is a delayed rise.  Also, the amount of the wave
will probably be consistant regardless of the amount of food you eat.
(In other words, that extra wave bolus will be the same whether you eat
1/2 cup or 3 cups of pasta, although your normal bolus will obviously
adjust according to your carb intake.)     Ryan>>>>>>>>
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