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[IP] re:follow up to autoimmune question

hi sheila,
yes, i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 15, diabetes at 26. my tsh at
the time was 542 and i hadn't started to go thru puberty yet. i'm quite
short compaired to the rest of my family and the docs say that's because
they never really got my levels under control. about 3 years ago i had
the thyroid uptake scan and an ultrasound. (i'm referring to the previous
posts about the radioactive iodine pill and the gamma cammera - the one
that takes the pictures). they point the camera at your thigh to get a
baseline reading of how much radiation you're giving off. they took 4
pictures of my neck and were supposed to take 12 but the doc called it off
"we're wasting film! she has no thyroid!!" at some point my autoimmune
system ate my thyroid (and my pancreas). my tsh was again sky
high- 480. they never thought to check my blood sugar. about a year after
finding out i had no thyroid and had grown a pituitary tumor (in responce
to the overabundance of tsh) i started showing symptoms of diabetes. go
i know this is long winded, but point being if they give you a scan and
you're lacking organs and diabetes runs in your family, then i would watch
closely. no diabetes presented itself in my family until i got it. then my
uncle got tested and is type 2. now i'm betting my next year's salary that
my mom is type 2 too...

 leann marcucci
dx'd 8/00 pumping 10/00
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