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Re: [IP] admiration

> When my son had pneumonia, I slept in his room to make sure he was ok
> the night. That only lasted a few nights until the drugs kicked in. How
> many
> nights do you all fall asleep in your child's room.

Too many!!!!!!  :)      Actually, that is why I NEVER had a problem with the
fact that he tended to gravitate towards our bedroom floor each night until
last summer (once he was on the pump).    Even when he'd have some
independent spells where he'd be happy in his room all night,  something
(usually an illness) would cause him to revert to making the middle of
the night trip with blanket and pillow to our room to lie on the carpet next
to my side of the bed.

Now that he is actually staying in his bed all night there have been a
number (actually more )  times when I"ve gotten up for "just one more
BG check" and actually fell asleep at the end of it, sorta draped over
him or curled up next to him  :0


Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (12 1/2,  Dx 2/93, 508 2/02,
Paradigm  8/16/02) --------Jennifer (20), Allison (17), Rachel (6)
Fenton, MO
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