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[IP] i take it back

I take it back that i feel sorry for you and your child and the situation you 
found yourself in at Walmart.  I apologize for even saying anything to 
you...Furthermore, I dont give a dead rat's ass if the admins kick me off for 
telling you to BITE ME.  

> number of reasons that the pumps set off alarms.  They do it all 
> the time at airports

WRONG. They simply do NOT set off the alarms routinely.  

> Nordstrom's does not have tags on their clothing, at least in Beverly Hills

You just don't know where to look!  they are sometimes SEWN into the seam and 
are demagnetized simply by passing it over the machine...

> they do need it in the area in which you live but not here.

welcome to AMERICA

> You can not make so dogmatic a statement that nothing 
> about a pump sets off alarms.  

Yes, I can.  I have been pumping almost TEN years, and as I have said before, 
very little sets it off, even with a chunk of silver in the case with it!

> perhaps you live on another planet 

THIS is my planet...get off!!

> your shock and dismay regarding the prices at Nordstrom's 

not dismayed...DISGUSTED that people would spend that kind of money on 
CLOTHES when there are homeless people, and starving children and fellow 
diabetics WITHOUT insurance!!  I hope you win your lawsuit and can buy lots 
of clothes with your frivolous lawsuit...I am SURE a simple apology won't be 
enough for you!

> and Bloomies I would suggest you not shop there

I don't.  I save my money so I can spend it on things of VALUE. clothes do 
NOT impress me

> Do you even use a pump 

A lot longer than you, I am sure

> and are you allowed to go anywhere other than in your house?

Better look out...i can go anywhere....and do so often, KNOWING my pump is 
not going to alarm at the airport....OR at walmart...

> We set off alarms when we were boarding a private Lear Jet 
> in the private boarding section of LAX 

well LA DE DAH - what on EARTH would have possessed you to deign to go into a 
WALMART in the first place?  Looking for a bargain on CANDY???

> and they don't routinely search for those boarding these planes.

They OUGHT to...

get a life

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