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Re: [IP] Alarms and the horror of those who watch

a friend of mine has worked in wal-mart before, and he tells me that the thing that sets off the
alarm most often is batteries that have not been properly run through the scanner. a couple of
weeks ago i walked through the door at wal-mart and set off the alarm, and it wouldn't stop going
off when i waled through. one of the ladies that worked there came over and said, do you have
batteries in your bag? i took them out and handed them to her and walked through, and sure enough,
no alarm. they were listed right there on my receipt so she handed them back to me, turhned off
the alarm, and told me to have a nice day. apparently anything that comes from the electonics dept
(the stuff that's shoplifted most often) just has to be run through the price checker a certain
way or something. also, if you have a book (at any store, not just wal-mart) there is a card in
the pages somewhere that has to be taken out before you can make it through the door.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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