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Re: [IP] Exploding fingerstips!!

At 03:17 PM 10/17/02 -0700, Hal or Jo  wrote:
 >Your explanation sounds plausible; and, undoubtedly happens from time to
 >time; however, most exploding fingertips occur when someone pierces a small
 >artery near the surface of their finger.

There are no arteries near the surface of the finger.  There are capillaries.

 >If a finger is obviously inflamed, I doubt if many people would stick it for
 >a drop of blood.

The finger need not be obviously inflamed or otherwise showing any evidence 
of excessive trauma to exhibit this effect. I've had diabetes for more than 
thirty years; I don't prick obviously inflamed or engorged fingers.

 >The problem with interstitial fluid diluting contaminating blood from a
 >finger puncture is when, after the puncture, the finger is not bleeding
 >adequately and the person squeezes it hard to form a drop.

That happens, too.

 >What squirts across the room is seldom diluted with interstitial fluid.

Maybe not in your experience, but it has been in mine. Well, anyway, the 
stuff that I could catch to test with after the initial explosion. YMMV.


 >> Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 17:19:22 -0700
 >> From: Liz Davis <email @ redacted>
 >> Subject: Re: [IP] exploding fingerstips!!
 >> >
 >> This happens when your finger has become irritated (probably from testing
 >> so much).  As a result of the irritation it develops a build up of
 >> interstitial fluid.  What squirts across the room is blood that's been
 >> diluted by the fluid. When this happens to me I usually do the test from a
 >> different finger, in hopes of getting a more accurate number from
 >> blood.
 >> Liz
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