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[IP] Re: carb/ratios???

With the records you are keeping, the endo should be able to figure out
Quincy's carb/insulin ratio.  Once you know that, when he eats, you
count how many carbs he is eating, and give insulin based on that
ratio.  We also use the bg before the meal to determine whether or not
he needs extra insulin to cover a high, or more carbs to correct a low.

Sheila, mom to Kyle, 14, dx'd 10/11/00
Jennifer, Kristi, Jacklyn
wife to Steve

Samantha & Charles Ritter wrote:

> Hi all,Okay this is probably going to sound really dumb but here
> goes......I want to start getting really ready for when we go in and
> talk to our Endo on Nov 11th to talk about Quincy getting on the
> Cozmo.  Right now he is 6 years old using MDI and has had D for 1 1/2
> years.  He is still honeymooning so he gets 8 units each morning of
> Lente plus 1-2 units of Humalog depending on what his am bs# is,  then
> at lunch and dinner same thing....1-2 maybe 3 units of Humalog
> depending on what his bs # is at those meals.  Then he gets a snack
> and off to bed.  No night time insulin.  So my question is.....  To
> start practicing his carb-ratio stuff how would I figure out how much
> to give him??  bolus? basal?  Some days he needs just an AM shot other
> days he needs AM, lunch and a dinner.  So Im confused as to how to
> base everything.  I want to know all I can before I confront my endo
> and tell him how this IS going to work for us.  I keep very good log
> book s now of all Quincy's bs readings, activity, highs, lows...you
> name it.  anything else I should be doing?  SO many things to do to
> prepare myself!!!  I still need to learn how to carb count more as
> well as we don't have to do that either for Quincy.Thanks so much in
> advance....Sami   mom to Quincy  Dx 02/02  6yrs old.My Little Hero!!
> "I'll lean on you and you lean on me and we'll be okay"
> ~Dave Matthews Band~
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