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Re: [IP] Re: Life Insurance

> >>>My daughter is only 11 but a friend of mine with D recently advised me to
> get her life insurance as soon as possible. Have any of you had any
> trouble getting life insurance? She has one small policy we bought
> at birth but we have never even thought about more before. I guess
> the idea is get it now before she can be turned down? Any
> comments/advice?>>>
> I think she already qualifies for being turned down. Certainly try
> to get as much as you can as soon as you can, but do not be
> surprised if the answers are *no*. :-(((
> The only way I was able to get it was converting to a whole life
> policy when I was in a group plan = $2,500.00. It doesn't cover too
> much today and I've been paying on it since 1960. I had no life ins.
> before that. DMers aren't good candidates in the eyes of the
> insurers.

Look at it another way, unless you think that for some reason you 
will be collecting on the policy, it's a much better investment to 
put the same money in a tax defered educational account on her 
behalf. These were authorized by recent federal legislation, and many 
states followed suit with their own more liberal versions. The money 
grows tax exempt and can be used for higher education and a few other 

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