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[IP] Re: Alarms and the horror of those who watch

This pump sets off alarms at Bristol Farms and Albertsons but their managers have given me a card that verifies the possibility of such happening.  The card states that this medical necessity may set off alarms.  There is no problem with this person and the situation should be ignored and this shopper should be assisted in anyway needed.  Signed by the managers of both stores.  Even with the card it goes off regularly and there is no problem.  With the pacemaker a credit style card is issued and states that this person is a patient of..... and has a permanently implanted pacemaker.  This pacemaker my set off sensors at various sites.  Be assured the patient is not setting off the alarm but the sensors in this multiple stage pacemaker/defib.
So this story goes on and on.  No matter where the alarms go off one should never be treated with such rudeness and a pump literally ripped from the body so an idiot clerk can see what it is.  Having 
just this morning reviewed the tape from their security camera...which they at first denied having...one can easily see the clerk in her abusive stance pulling out the pump and its connection hanging in the breeze.  This situation can not be denied nor ignored.

 From: Sam <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] alarms

At 10/17/2002, 08:43 AM Artorius Rex wrote:

>>I'm sure I'm not the only one that would disagree with this statement.  I've
>>had my insulin pump set off the sensors at Fred Meyer (Kroegers) here in
>>Portland.   All those sensors do is read a magnetized strip of metal and I'm
>>sure our pumps contain parts at least somewhat close to that.   They are 
>>computers after all.

It's hard to tell what sets these things off... it may be the pump, or it 
could be a belt buckle or a lot of loose change in a pocket. I personally 
have never had my pump set one of these things off.

(also in the Portland, OR area)
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