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Re: [IP] alarms

Not that Sara needs protection, but there is nothing in a pump that 
will set security alarms off.  Nor is there any magnetized strip of 
metal in the pump--just some chips and other electronics.  Even a big 
horseshoe magnet won't set it off anyway. nor a magnetized floppy 
disk. nor a walkman. nor a cell phone.  Try it.
   Maybe some pumpers are just closet kleptomaniacs *S* or maybe 
confused and hypoglycemic stuffing candy in pockets instead of the 
mouth or maybe a real thief walked through at the same time.

<<<<<<I'm sure I'm not the only one that would disagree with this 
statement.  I've had my insulin pump set off the sensors at Fred 
Meyer (Kroegers) here in
Portland.   All those sensors do is read a magnetized strip of metal and I'm
sure our pumps contain parts at least somewhat close to that.   They are little
computers after all.>>>>>>>>

- --- email @ redacted wrote:
....There is NOTHING in an insulin pump that
>  will set off such an alarm
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