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[IP] Re: K-mart and WalMart

       Great response to this problem.  However, I think that perhaps Penny 
is visiting from the UK, or else has recently moved here.  (she used the word 
"whilst" which is in common usage over there, but practically unheard of in 
North America, except by Jenny S.!)  Perhaps something she is carrying or 
wearing has some sort of strip that works on alarms over there and is 
triggering the North American ones in certain places.  I know when I last 
bought ice-skates the strip was hidden inside the insole of the boot.  
       If I was Penny and had the time I would attempt to press charges 
against the stores who assaulted her.  Go to the media for help.  Or write to 
the highest level of management for results.  I've missed a few digests, so 
don't know if this has already been suggested.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> Penny,
> Your setting off the alarms in K-Mart and Walmart were most interesting.  I
> don't doubt what you said, I'm just curious about how this could happen.
> It is very unlikely that your pump and/or pacemaker set off the alarms.
> People with either or both of these devices go in and out of K-Mart and
> Walmart all the time with no alarms going off.  That goes for airport
> security, I have traveled by air for six years since I've been pumping and
> never set off an alarm.
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