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RE: [IP] medic alert bracelets

> Jocelyn Robinson [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
> > As an athlete, still young (12) there
> > are requirements in every sport program both in and out of school that
> > ALL jewelry must be removed for both practices and games.  
> In soccer, jewelry is defined as items that are primarily for
> adornment.  A MedicAlert bracelet is *NOT* jewelry, and I wear mine
> when I'm refereeing a match.  I do tape it down so it's not flopping
> all over (leaving the emblem exposed).  I suggest that players do
> the same so that it is not a hazard to either themselves or other
> players (I keep tape handy in case a player needs it).  

It depends on the league. 
In our leagues out here, the referee oversight group has decided that 
medic alert bracelets must be removed for games. We've given them a 
lot of heat about it, but they are insistent. I can't say I disagree 
with their reasoning completely, but it would be nice if they'd just 
relent on this one thing.

email @ redacted
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