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[IP] don't ask don't tell

Matt responded to someone who said wear the pump where it doesn't say with :
>Basically sound advice, but unlikely to help post 9/11.  
> I find most airports now use the hand magnetometers as 
> well as the screening gates.

About a month or so ago we started listing all the airports we had personally 
flown through and not set off alarms since September 11, and we pretty much 
covered the United States, so when you say "most" airport, which ones do you 
mean?  I have flown more than 2 dozen separate flights since last fall, and 
think only once did I beep and that was when I forgot to take my keys 
out...as I lifted my shirt to stick my hands down my pants they saw the pump 
case and told me to take my phone off....sorry charlie. i put the keys in the 
basket and walked through again, then they looked at it and wanded me...but 
ONCE out of all those trips does not sound like MOST to me.  Oh, one other 
time i had it showing and the person said "take off your...oh, is that an 
insulin pump?" and waved me on after he looked in the case.

Hell, I even carry a silver angel rock in  my pump case (a good luck charm) 
and it STILL doesn't go off!

Shove it down in your pocket, pull your shirt over it.  Don't ask, don't 
tell.  They look at my bag EVERY time it goes through and NOT ONCE has anyone 
ever asked to see a prescription for those syringes!!!  i see diabetics all 
the time VOLUNTEERING before they go through that they have needles...WHY??  
Is there something that SAYS you HAVE to tell???  There is something called 
the 4th amendment that protects our right to privacy  (though I am sure 
Congress is going to do away with that altogether sooner or later...those 
damn Constitution writers...what WERE they thinking <g> )

but whatever....tell if you want...just please don't be in the line in front 
of me holding up the process...i gotta plane to catch!

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