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Re: [IP] Running out of infusion sites - <snipping>

--- jhughey <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >>> I change my sites every three days the sites
> don't heal in that time so
> I have no idea where else I get put my sites other
> then my behind which I
> -------
try the high back hip area. it's not too hard to
I tried it and had a few problems. <snip>

As one who changes sites every FIVE days - I did NOT write the above, I
replied to the above - to a pregger. My reply was snipped and the original
post was included with my credit. Please, people, attribute the right author
to the correct post(s).

Also, anyone else notice the LACK of snipping LONNNNNNNNG posts? We could
have many more *real* messages in a digest if excessive quoting were
<snipped>  Seems as though the 40-42k digests are filled with much unneeded

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