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[IP] Searched, etc.

I have worked on Navy bases for a long time (1980) and pre-911 we were
checked occasionally.  One time (early 1980's) I was stopped on my way out
of the base and my car was searched.  The first thing I said was, be careful
because you may find syringes, I'm a diabetic.  They asked for proof, which
luckily was my brand new Medic Alert bracelet.  I also carry the Medic Alert
card in my wallet if that is not enough.  I still get searched sometimes,
but with the pump, I don't have to warn them to be careful of straying
Post-911 I get my purse and brief case searched every day.  I too wonder why
they think I would carry around all this 'stuff' if I didn't have too, but
then I remember that it would be a great cover for someone trying to slip in
a small explosive device, etc.  I just let them look to their heart's
content.  I really get a laugh at their faces when they start digging
through my feminine products during certain weeks of the month, ha!

I also read another post on Medic Alert, and there is a yearly fee to belong
to the organization, even though I don't think most people pay it.  They
have costs, too!

>>never worried about it until early this year I went into a
Federal building and the security is obviously tight. The checked my bag and
my diabetic stuff and I told them I was diabetic and they actually asked me
I had proof that I was a diabetic, I couldn't believe it. I wasn't on the
at the time so I showed them my medical bracelet and the guard afterwards
like, well alright I guess and let me through. 
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