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[IP] medic alert bracelets

I recently purchased one from Lauren's Hope for my son.  The fact that
it has to be removed for showers, swimming etc. didn't bother me, I told
him to treat it like his pump.  He removes his pump for showers,
swimming, gym class and all competitive sports, and he removes his
bracelet as well.  We have been through numerous other necklaces, but
losing them is our big problem.  As an athlete, still young (12) there
are requirements in every sport program both in and out of school that
ALL jewelry must be removed for both practices and games.  I guess if he
ever becomes a professional athlete, then it would be OK to wear it, but
as a child he seems to have no rights.  When he was first diagnosed, I
would stand there and argue with refs and umpires, but this got too
embarrassing for my son.  My husband or I attend all his events, and of
course his coaches and teammates are aware of his condition.  I have
thought about looking into some sort of a temporary tattoo, but my son
didn't go for it.   He heard the word tattoo, and said, he hates
needles, and wouldn't get one!
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