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Re: [IP] basal rates and pregnancy

I don't recall specifically what happened to my basals during my pregnancies.  But my insulin needs went on a roller coaster ride!  During both pregnancies, my insulin needs went down from weeks 10-14.  During that period, I had some pretty bad lows both times.

With my first baby, my needs for insulin began to skyrocket at about 26 weeks; with my second, it happened around week 20.  From that point on, I needed more and more insulin.  It seemed like every time I met with my endo and sometimes in between, ratios and basals were always going up.

Then, with my second baby, I think it was 36 or 37 weeks or so, insulin needs began to decline.  Immediately after the birth, I lowered both basals and bolus ratios to a little less than what they had been pre pregnancy.  

I breastfed, and that began three months of insulin dose adjustments, because breastfeeding really reduced my need for insulin.  I had some pretty bad lows while figuring out exactly what my ratios and basals should be.  I expect that when she starts solids and begins to wean, I will again be adjusting, this time increasing the doses instead of decreasing them.

My total insulin intake went from about 55 u. a day to 125-130 a day at its peak.  I was taking insulin like water.

The upside is that both of my babies were very healthy.  My first (a boy) was 8 lbs. 11 oz.  With my second, my A1c's both pre pregnancy and during the pregnancies were pretty much the same as the last time (6.5 pre preg. and about 5.5 during preg).  Never the less, my daughter was 9 lbs., 14 oz.  She's still a chunk.  

Good luck.  

Kristen Olgren
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