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[IP] admiration

Since my daughter is the one with diabetes, not me, I don't truly know
what it's like to live it all the time.  Honestly, there are times now
since Lauren started pumping that I forget she has diabetes.  She has an
excellent school nurse, so I rarely worry about her during the day. 
There have been discussions before about who it's tougher on, the parent
or the person with diabetes.  I'm not trying to start that thread again. 
I just want to say that I am grateful for the many people I have gotten
to know in the past six months through this list who don't let diabetes
stand in the way of their happiness.  It's good to know that if there
comes a time when Lauren feels overwhelmed by having diabetes, I know
lots of people who can show her that diabetes may be big sometimes, but
it's not everything.  I admire everyone here who deals with diabetes
daily and can keep it in perspective to get the most out of life.
mom to Lauren, 6, dx'd 11/00, pumping 5/02, and Megan, 4

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