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[IP] Re: Thyroid Scan ???? Help Please

>>> OH and they also
> said that Heather has to be on a low iodine diet for a whole week before
> procedure... How in the heck do we do that.. I hate to say but we use salt
> alot in our cooking. We go out to eat.. and they said that is a no no..
> am I going to do ??? Someone please help. Thanks
> Rochelle

I would suggest that you buy a box of salt that is plain - the other variety
says in big letters *IODIZED.* You might waste 59c doing this, but it will
be worth your dtr's well being for the test. ;) Can you not go out to eat
during this time? Again, it will be worth your dtr's well being. Some very
good meals can be made at home with the regular salt. I believe a lot of
fish have natural iodine in them also.

Best to you and Heather! (~_^)

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