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[IP] animas ez manager support (A little lengthy)

        I am currently in the 30-day trial period for ez manager diabetes
software by Animas.  I have emailed various times to animas support from both
the animas website & the PC software itself concerning questions I have about
the software & have received no reply's.  (I certainly hope this if not the
normal experience)  Anyway I was wondering if anyone out there is using the
software & what they thought of it.  couple of the questions i have for animas
are "does the desktop companion software have any sort of user manual
available?" (I would like to be able to know everything possible about what it
does/can do like any other software i purchase)  & "Once the software is
purchased & registered does the software usability open up further to me, an
example of this being -  would i be able to edit on the pc desktop software as
opposed to just deleting entries?"
    While using the software both on my pda & computer I am always thinking of
something or the other that i would like to know about the software but as far
as i can tell the documentation is VERY sketchy,  when a person opts to
purchase the software does that person then become privy to more info about
        at 99$(I dont wear an animas pump, which may be part of the problem)
it just seems like not too much to ask to know as much as possible about the

    To sum up,  ez manager appears to be the only pda software available that
has a desktop companion, which I feel is extremely important, so this is a
very big plus for this package, unfortunately where they advance ahead of the
others available in that regard, they fall far behind in many other areas, not
least of which is price.
        sorry for the length,  thanx for listening    John
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