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Re: [IP] exploding fingerstips!!

At 03:27 PM 10/16/02 -0400, you wrote:
 >>What about exploding fingertips?
Summer wrote
 >This happens to me quite often!!  maybe once every week or two -  the last
 >time,  I was on a Girl Guide trip on the bus with a fellow guider and I
 >tested and it squirted up over my shoulder all over my shirt, luckily she
 >has an aunt with diabetes and was used to seeing people test.  She just
 >laughed and asked if it was normal.
 >   Anyone know the reason??

This happens when your finger has become irritated (probably from testing 
so much).  As a result of the irritation it develops a build up of 
interstitial fluid.  What squirts across the room is blood that's been 
diluted by the fluid. When this happens to me I usually do the test from a 
different finger, in hopes of getting a more accurate number from undiluted 

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