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Re: [IP] Halle's Confirmed Diabetes

OK - I just saw her on ET too and she didn't say anything like what you say 
she said - we probably got different segments or something - I heard her say 
- as I said in another post - that she has diabetes and she doesn't whatever 
she can to raise money for research, etc.  It was the Gala that Barbara Davis 
was also at, along with TONS of other celebs - and the segment where some guy 
passed out who was sitting next to Larry King and they had to stop the show 
for a couple minutes - something about he hurt a muscle in his neck.  But the 
point is, she's coming out about diabetes because someone else posted 
recently she was talking about the medic alert bracelet she wears - was it on 
Rosie - or some show like that.  At least she's talking.  Tammy

In a message dated 10/16/02 4:46:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Well I just, not more than 30 seconds ago heard for myself, Halle admit on 
> TV that she does have diabetes.  On ET(entertainment Tonight)  I missed the 
> first bit but I heard her say she just passed out cause of sugar and that 
> she woke up to doctors telling her she had Diabetes.
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