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Re: [IP] Re: Medic Alert bracelets

At 10/16/2002, 04:12 PM jspock @shore.net wrote:
>><< I'm going to get a medic alert bracelet, and have been looking on the
>>Internet and they have a lot of those that don't look "Medical". I'm just
>>curious  about bracelets other people wear, and if they have the red
>>marking...just wondering which type is most recoginizable as "Medical". I
>>don't want to get one that just looks pretty and isn't going to do me any
>>good....that won't serve it's purpose...
>My only concern about the Medic Alert bracelets is that mine had 
>absolutely no information on it - just a toll free number and an ID 
>code.  That really didn't make me feel very safe.

I've had Medic Alert bracelets since 1979 and they've all had either 
"Insulin Dependent Diabetes" or "Diabetes Type I" engraved on the back. If 
you specified something to be put on the back and they didn't do it, I'd 
call them and get it replaced.

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