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[IP] Thyroid Scan ???? Help Please

Hey everyone I called in Heathers numbers yesterday to the Endo for the last
two weeks of blood sugars and the nurse called me back today with changes in
Heathers basal rates. Anyway... In the last couple appointments we had we have
discussed some thyroid concerns on Heather. One major concern in thyroid
problems do run in the family.. my mom just had hers removed about 6 months
ago. And I have had some symptons but havent went to the Dr to get them taken
care of or inquired about.. One thing we've noticed on Heather was that when
she washes her hair she looses alot of hair.. So last time we was at the endo
her Dr felt around on her neck.. didnt feel any bumps or anything abnormal but
did have us go to the lab for the blood work to be drawn to test her thyroid.
They did three tests and 2 were normal one was abnormal. So they said they
would like to do a thryroid scan on her. I kinda brushed it off.. because I
really didnt understand what all it involved. Well today the nurse says she
wants to go ahead and get it done.. So we are scheduled for Nov 11th at 8am.
We have to be at the hospital in Outpatient area. Has anyone else had this
procedure done?? Could you please tell us what to expect... OH and they also
said that Heather has to be on a low iodine diet for a whole week before the
procedure... How in the heck do we do that.. I hate to say but we use salt
alot in our cooking. We go out to eat.. and they said that is a no no.. What
am I going to do ??? Someone please help. Thanks
Mom to Heather dxd 11/2/01 pumping Animas 8/1/02, Brian 7, Matthew 4 1/2, wife
to Billl in MO
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