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[IP] 'outsmarting' the paramedics

Gail -

I had to laugh when I read your post about trying to
'outsmart' the paramedics during a low. I used to be
notorious for this, pre-pump (I also had major hypo

Once, my husband was in Germany and called me only to
discover I was low. Since I would never believe that I
was low, he tried to convince me to test myself. I
kept saying no, I'm fine. Finally, he said, "honey, I
want to hear your tester go "beep". Thinking I was
being very clever and sure to fool him, I started
going, "beep" "beep" "beep". At this point, he gave up
and called the police - from Germany.

His other trick, when I refused to treat a hypo, was
to fill a diet coke can with real coke, which I would
readily drink believe that it wasn't a 'forbidden'

Thankfully, with my improved control due to my beloved
pump, and the return of some (not all) hypo awareness,
I seem to have become less obstinate... at least about
hypos. ;-)  Hope you're feeling better...


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