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Re: [IP] Bagels

Finally someone who agrees with me!!!  When I started pumping I too 
figured a bagel was 60 g, based on something I read.  But 3 h later 
when my BG was 250, I used to blame it on all the cream cheese 
delaying the carbs.   I read an interview with Jason Johnson, the 
Orioles pitcher on a pump, who said that in the post game buffet he 
could never eat a bagel because it drove his BG crazy.  Well duh, 
like me too.  At least till I figured that the big bagel was 85 g or 
more.  Now when I bolus for that, I no longer have the  fat delay 
either.  6 U/bagel and 3 h later BG is back where it started.  YUM!

<<<<<From: Mark Therieau <email @ redacted>
Before I looked up the nutrition info, I would
have guessed around 60g.  Now, I would estimate
70 or 73g for an "average" sized DD bagel, and 75 or
77g for a "large" one. (Why these numbers? --
I use a bolus chart that tells me how many carbs
are covered by each bolus increment [for my insulin-
to-carb ratio])>>>>>>>>>.
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