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[IP] a1c calculation?

Hi everyone- could someone tell me what the calculation is for figuring up
the general blood sugar range using an a1c?  I know I read how to do it
here.  But so far I have had no luck finding it in the archives.  My pre
pump a1c was 7.8, and I remember multiplying/adding/subtracting (however
that goes!) and coming up with an average blood sugar of 170'ish.

I finally got the results from my first three months using the pump, and
thankfully my a1c dropped to 6.4.  I thought it would be an improvement,
because my sugars were so much more stable.  So far, that is my favorite
thing about the pump!  I absolutely hated bouncing high to low, and right
back again.

If someone could let me know the calculation, I'd so appreciate it.  Thanks
in advance-

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