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[IP] exploding fingerstips!!

>What about exploding fingertips?    It's only happened once,  but
>last month Zachary was testing in the nurses office and I was there.
>I think he was really high (like 420)  and I was getting ready to take
>him home.    When the lancet pierced his finger,  it was like it
>exploded.   Blood splattered two feet away in 20 different directions
>at once!    Sure shook up the prissy nurse ---  she probably spent
>hours disinfecting the office after my quick wipeup before we left.

This happens to me quite often!!  maybe once every week or two -  the last 
time,  I was on a Girl Guide trip on the bus with a fellow guider and I 
tested and it squirted up over my shoulder all over my shirt, luckily she 
has an aunt with diabetes and was used to seeing people test.  She just 
laughed and asked if it was normal.
I've also had it squirt me in the face many times, luckily I wear glasses 
and it doesn't get in the eyes.
Is there any particular reason for this to happen?  I've always wondered if 
it has to do with high blood pressure.  I have GERD and when I stand up I 
often black out for a couple seconds for a year and a half my doctor just 
said it was because of my stomach then I saw a specialist and told him about 
it, he told me to lie down checked my blood pressure then made me stand up 
and rechecked it.  Apparently my blood pressure doesn't stabalize itself and 
drops suddenly when I get up.  So I've wondered if at time it shoots up too. 
   Anyone know the reason??

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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