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Re: [IP] Crazy low side effects/symptoms

I still get symptoms but not every time, the only day my sugar was 25 and the
only reason I tested was because I was due to do a test. I didn't feel
anything at all but then it can be 60 at times and I get a headache and start
to sweat, it's very annoying sometimes. It can also be a little dangerous
since during the day I'm on my own taking care of my daughter so I do regular
testing any way since I am pregnant so I can get to my low before it's too



The only visible hypoglycemic symptom I have is
sweating.  That doesn't start until my BG falls below

Last night, according to Robert, I was still talking
at 15.  I never lost consciousness.  To people around
me, I appear normal (albeit very strange).  Even that

Last night as my BG was still rising UP to 32, I was
trying to outsmart the paramedics.  They asked me who
was president.  I couldn't remember "W's" name, so I
said - "the guy after Bill Clinton".  Then they asked
me my birthdate - I couldn't remember that either, so
I said "I'll be 42 a week from Saturday".  Both
answers were accepted by the paramedics, but they
didn't know I couldn't remember the "right" answers.

As always, our mileage varies.

-gail in denver
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