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Re: [IP] Re: Shopping a KMART and WALMART BEWARE

This is not really to do with Walmart or KMart but it's kind of relevant to
the subject. I've traveled around the world for years and years and never had
any problems so I never worried about it until early this year I went into a
Federal building and the security is obviously tight. The checked my bag and
my diabetic stuff and I told them I was diabetic and they actually asked me if
I had proof that I was a diabetic, I couldn't believe it. I wasn't on the pump
at the time so I showed them my medical bracelet and the guard afterwards was
like, well alright I guess and let me through. Not once has anyone ever asked
me for proof of being a diabetic. I highly doubt that I would carry this heavy
thing in my bag full of insulin and medical supplies for no reason. Anyway,
I'm lucky that that is the only 'bad' experience I've had so far I guess.

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