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[IP] Crazy low side effects/symptoms

I've been reading these really low stories and it reminded me of my few 
extreme lows.  I remeber one at a friends house(right around the corner from 
mine) I was sitting in a chair and blacked out - sorta when I go really low 
I can't talk or move but can hear everthing going on.  I heard my friends 
dad call my mom and hysterically ask whether I need sugar or salt!!!  well 
my mom came flying over and they tried to get me into the car so my mom 
could drive me to the hospital BUT the house was being reconstructed and had 
no front stairs so they had to get me out the front door with about a 6 foot 
drop!! and I was so low my body was as stiff as a board! they got me out but 
couldn't bend me to get me in the car!! so they had to call an 
ambulance.(it's onlt like a 7min drive to hospital so it would have been 
quicker to drive)  But anyway I went to hospital and they fixed me up.

I havn't had a hospital requiring low since about grade 6- over 7 years ago. 
  I did go really low about 5 years ago in a restaurant near my aunts she 
sent me to get her lunch and a coffee, all I remeber is waiting for ever in 
line holding a cup of hot coffee then waking up in the back room, covered in 
coffee with the waitresses.  They called my mom who came to get me and take 
me home, I also remember refusing to go home till they brought my aunt her 
lunch- she never did get her coffee though!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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