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Re: [IP] Re: Wal Mart and Kmart Fiasco

Wow....what a great suggestion!  It might even have more impact if you mention that you will be donating the settlement dollars to ADA!
> From: email @ redacted
> Date: 2002/10/16 Wed AM 11:39:50 CDT
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Re: Wal Mart and Kmart Fiasco
> In a message dated 10/16/02 11:49:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> > What a completely rude statement!  This happened just as stated.  We got 
> > the alarm ingoing and outgoing.  
> > I am not too ethnic looking just like any other Sephard.
> > I am leaving shortly for my attorneys office and we will find out why, 
> > how and what sort of settlement they plan to make.  We have already had 
> > calls from the office with offers.  This happens too often to too many 
> > people and they need to be taught very expensive lessons.
> > I can walk in and out of Nordstroms and other upscale stores but this 
> > store that sells crap and a store I have only entered once acts like 
> > this is world war five.  Just think, they support China and all its 
> > products with their great history of hate against the fellow human and 
> > their lack of concern about censures set by the United Nations.
> > By the way, I am a Pacifist so perhaps these two stores that support 
> > warmongers just don't want our business.
> > By the way we were advised yesterday afternoon they have NO cameras at 
> > this exit.
> > 
> Oh boy, I knew as soon as I read Mike's post that this was going to happen.  
> I understand your anger but can honestly say that after I read your original 
> post I thought "What in the world is going on there?"  I go through the doors 
> at Wal Mart and Kmart at least 4 times a week and never once have I set off 
> any alarms because of my pump.  I've also never been treated rudely by any 
> employees there.  I cannot imagine what was going through their heads to make 
> them mistreat you the way they did.....even if you DID happen to be of Middle 
> Eastern descent, the things that happened to you should never happen to 
> anyone.  It sounds to me like the big kahunas at the Wal Mart and K Mart 
> offices agree if the are already making you offers.  Hopefully, the employees 
> who were so rude to you will learn a lesson from whatever action is taken 
> against them.  It is my sincere hope that these stores don't go out of 
> business though.  The "crap" they sell feeds and clothes my family because 
> it's just about all we can afford these days.  I've never set foot inside a 
> Nordstroms or Bloomies....besides the fact that we don't have them here, 
> they're way to expensive for my budget.  Would you consider donating whatever 
> settlement you get from your "expensive lesson" to the ADA or some other 
> charity?
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Sean, pump mom of Jake, 9, dx 07/01, pumping since 01/02
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