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Re: [IP] Bagels


Before I looked up the nutrition info, I would
have guessed around 60g.  Now, I would estimate
70 or 73g for an "average" sized DD bagel, and 75 or
77g for a "large" one. (Why these numbers? --
I use a bolus chart that tells me how many carbs
are covered by each bolus increment [for my insulin-
to-carb ratio])

Definitely a +1 (firm agreement) about being skeptical
on the sources of the nutrition information.
>From CalorieKing:
"The information in our database is obtained from a
variety of sources which include our own laboratory
analysis, author computer extrapolations from food
ingredients, food manufacturers, scientific
publications, US Dept of Agriculture, Food Industry
Produce Boards & Councils."

Despite the claims above, there's some weirdness in
their data.  For example, if you look through the
different Einstein Bros. bagel flavors, you'll see
the range of carb grams that I cited (67-80g).
But it's (primarily) the weight of the bagel that
determines how many carbs, not the topping.  I have
no idea why they chose to list a 3.7oz plain bagel
and a 4.1oz sesame bagel.

My guess, though, is that 3.7-4.1oz is approximately
the range of weights in EB bagels.  Maybe someday
I'll buy a real gram scale and measure the variability
within a dozen bagels (upgrading from my $5.99
kitchen scale, which at least gets me in the 25g


so mark, what do you use for a dunkin donuts bagel? 
Maybe that's why
people don't lose so much weight on weight watchers
diets *S*
Anyway, the point I've made before is that there is
nobody validating
what companies put down for nutritional information. 
So buyer
beware. YMMV with regard to whoever is making their
measurements too.
p.s. my guess of 80 g for an einstein bagel at least
fits with their
range.  I pick the big ones :-)

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