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[IP] Re: Wal Mart and Kmart Fiasco

In a message dated 10/16/02 11:49:50 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> What a completely rude statement!  This happened just as stated.  We got 
> the alarm ingoing and outgoing.  
> I am not too ethnic looking just like any other Sephard.
> I am leaving shortly for my attorneys office and we will find out why, 
> how and what sort of settlement they plan to make.  We have already had 
> calls from the office with offers.  This happens too often to too many 
> people and they need to be taught very expensive lessons.
> I can walk in and out of Nordstroms and other upscale stores but this 
> store that sells crap and a store I have only entered once acts like 
> this is world war five.  Just think, they support China and all its 
> products with their great history of hate against the fellow human and 
> their lack of concern about censures set by the United Nations.
> By the way, I am a Pacifist so perhaps these two stores that support 
> warmongers just don't want our business.
> By the way we were advised yesterday afternoon they have NO cameras at 
> this exit.
Oh boy, I knew as soon as I read Mike's post that this was going to happen.  
I understand your anger but can honestly say that after I read your original 
post I thought "What in the world is going on there?"  I go through the doors 
at Wal Mart and Kmart at least 4 times a week and never once have I set off 
any alarms because of my pump.  I've also never been treated rudely by any 
employees there.  I cannot imagine what was going through their heads to make 
them mistreat you the way they did.....even if you DID happen to be of Middle 
Eastern descent, the things that happened to you should never happen to 
anyone.  It sounds to me like the big kahunas at the Wal Mart and K Mart 
offices agree if the are already making you offers.  Hopefully, the employees 
who were so rude to you will learn a lesson from whatever action is taken 
against them.  It is my sincere hope that these stores don't go out of 
business though.  The "crap" they sell feeds and clothes my family because 
it's just about all we can afford these days.  I've never set foot inside a 
Nordstroms or Bloomies....besides the fact that we don't have them here, 
they're way to expensive for my budget.  Would you consider donating whatever 
settlement you get from your "expensive lesson" to the ADA or some other 
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