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RE: [IP] Re: Shopping a KMART and WALMART BEWARE

What a great story!  That's the Walmart I know and love.  ;-)

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Well I have quite a different opinion on the Walmart shopping experience.
Close to one year ago, I was in a Walmart in Southern Maine. I pulled in
with my three boys with the intention on buying some window insulation for
the cold winters we have up here. As we shopped I let a hypo sneak up on me
and asked my son the oldest boy to go get some starbursts from the candy
rack. I sat down on the floor and waited for he to return. I consumed some
of the starbursts and went to the checkout to pay for the candy I just ate.
The cashier looked at me kinda strange and asked me if I was ok. I just
drooled at her and decided to lay down on the floor and take a nap right
there in the aisle. The floor was so cool, I guess. When I started to come
around I realized they had closed the cash register aisle down and two of
the employees were on the floor with me giving me some fruit juice. They
had already called the ambulance and had a chaperone sit with my boys in
the McDonalds that this particular location had in it.  While I was taken
to the ambulance they sent an employee with me to get a status on my well
being and kept the boys informed. Today as I walk in, some of the same
employees greet my family and I by name and ask how have I been doing. I
proudly tap my new pump and tell them much better now, haven't had one of
those lows in quite a while.
Oh ya, they didn't charge me for the fruit juice or the starbursts or the
McDonalds they gave my kids. Nice bunch of people.
I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience, but mine was kind of nice.
P.S. the medic alert bracelet that I was wearing gave them all the
information that they needed to contact my wife. She was there by the time
they let me out of the ambulance to drive me home. Wear one if you have
one, buy one if you don't.

Michael Chambers
T1-33 of 35yrs
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