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[IP] Bagels

Hirsh, the source of that famous formula is my own experience. I know 
how much I need to bolus for a given weight of bagel (or other 
bread).  The carbs for me are about 85-90% of the dry weight. Some 
fiber, but most of the bagel is digestible.
   But I was pleased to see the post by Mark who said that some list 
had einstein bagels at up to 80 g of carb.

<<<In Baltimore, an Einstein bagel weights about 3.5 oz.  That's 98 g.
Maybe at most 10% of that weight is not digestible carb.  So you need
to figure insulin for 80 g.  A 55 g bagel that Liz eats is really
only half a bagel ;-)>>>

>Can you please supply a source for that formula of only 10% that's not carbs?
>I think it's way off.  OR did I misunderstand what you wrote?
>Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
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