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Re: [IP] Bagels

so mark, what do you use for a dunkin donuts bagel?  Maybe that's why 
people don't lose so much weight on weight watchers diets *S*
Anyway, the point I've made before is that there is nobody validating 
what companies put down for nutritional information.  So buyer 
beware. YMMV with regard to whoever is making their measurements too.
p.s. my guess of 80 g for an einstein bagel at least fits with their 
range.  I pick the big ones :-)

>From: Mark Therieau <email @ redacted>
>Einstein's Bagels: 67-80g carb
>Dunkin' Donuts Bagels: 67-74g carb
>According to Weight Watcher's, a Dunkin Donuts bagel
>is 4 breads so 48-50
>Regards, markt
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