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Re: [IP] A Close Call

Wow, that would have been scary. So far that's only happened to me once and
that was Jan 1st this year. For some reason I wasn't thinking and I had a low
read in the morning and gave myself some insulin for breakfast, as I was
getting breakfast, I must of be preoccupied because when I woke up I had
paramedics next to me. I didn't have a clue what happened and they rushed me
the hospital for some reason. My husband, daughter and I spent all day at the
hospital because they wouldn't let me leave until my sugar was high enough for
them which is fair enough. It's pretty scary when that happens, especially
when you don't have much of a recollection and if you're on your own, you are
stuck. Yuk. I'm glad that you are better this morning. After something like
that I'd be glad with a sugar of 200. I know that when I left the hospital, it
was something 180 and I was very relieved.


I'm awake this morning.  Thank G-d (please don't send
me to the religious thread with that, please).

Last night after 3 sets of tennis, my BG was 410.  I
changed sites and "goosed it" as we say at my house.
Two hours later at 10:00 my BG was 315.  Safe for me
to go to bed. (All you who worry when yours is over
150 - welcome to my rollercoaster world).

At 2:45 a.m. I awoke to three (3!!!) men in my
bedroom.  Robert and 2 paramedics.

At 2:00 Robert noticed I was wet.  I was drenched in
sweat - I mean drenched.  I have long hair - it was
wet too.  He couldn't understand my babbling and I was
uncooperative.  He tried calling 9-1-1 but that
wonderful new puppy had chewed through a phone cord &
all the phones decided to short out sometime after our
last call in the evening.

He stood outside with his cell phone (which is the
only place he could get service) and guided the
paramedics in to our house.  (Yes, I live in Denver
(city & county) but my street is only one block long
and really hard to find).

On the paramedics first finger poke (WITHOUT a lancet
device - just the bare lancet through my fingers) my
BG was 15.  I was still coherent (to them).  They got
two glasses of OJ into me, then two tablespoons of

I regained awareness with BG around 32.  Even made
jokes about the Wizard of Oz - "you were there and you
were there... and YOU!"

After a peanut butter sandwich I told them that I
would live to tell about it.  They spoke with the MD
on-call at Denver Health who concurred with me.  The
last BG before they left I was up to 42.

Damage?  My head is really pounding this morning (that
low bg hangover).  My set came out from all the sweat.
And my BG is back up to "a normal for me" over 200.

I am fortunate 1) that Robert awakened, 2) that the
trial he is about to try in Portland was delayed so he
was still home, 3) that I didn't sieze, and 4) that I
didn't have to go to the ER.  My son and that
wonderful little puppy slept through it all!

This is only the 3rd time in my life that I've been
that low.  First 2 times I siezed.  Don't know how low
my BG was those times.

I need coffee...

-gail in denver
dx'd T1 02/14/72 (which the paramedics couldn't get
over it's been soooo long), pumping since 1985-ish
(which the paramedics failed to note until I showed
them my pump as they were packing to leave).  A call
to the paramedic training facility is in order.

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